I just love Etsy

My story started some years ago when I saw a beaded watch at a Xmas market. My mum wanted to buy me one for my birthday, but after seeing all these beautiful watches and being a avid watch collector!! I decided that I would like to have a go myself. After reading a Dummies guide to beading, I bought the supplies and made my first watch. Then I saw a course on Silver art clay. This is a clay made from recycled silver and can be plaited, syringed, rolled out like pastry, moulded or cut into shapes. The list is endless! The end result after fine sanding and fired in a kiln or blow torched is a pure silver item. Well I couldn't stop there so I signed up for classes for silver smithing! The rest as they say is history!
When I came across Etsy, I opened my shop and have established lovely rapport with my customers. Nothing is too much trouble. If you have something in mind let me design and make it for you. I pride myself on making unique items of jewellery that you won't see else where.

I also make book folds in my other shop:

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